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jennifer love hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt prefers to be called Love. Her mother named her after her college friend and roommate whom Love has never met. Her mom had told her friend (who was gorgeous and really sweet) that if she ever had a little girl, she would name her Love.Love started performing young. When she was only three years old, she got away from her mother at a dinner club, and was found on stage, singing "Help Me Make It Through The Night." Two years later, Love started taking dance lessons.While still in Texas, Love was voted a "living doll" in a Texas beauty pageant, and at the age of nine, joined the Texas Show Team, performing in the U.S.S.R. and Denmark. At ten, Love was touring the world as a spokesperson for L.A. Gear.Shortly after, the Hewitt moved to Los Angeles, and Love got her start in commercials, including more than twenty national commercials for Mattel Toys.After doing several commercials for the Mattel Toy company (Barbie dolls), Circuit City, Ross Department Stores, Chex Cereal, and Mrs. Smith's Pies, she landed her first television series as Robin on "Kids Incorporated" in 1989. On a 1991 episode, Love sang a song about saving the environment called "Please Save Us the World." This song became the theme song, which Love sang with other young celebrities, at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Love then put out an album in Japan called "Love Songs" in 1992 which featured this hit song. From this album, she released a single called "Dancing Queen" with the song "I'll Find You" on the flipside. Love co-wrote one song called "90's Kids" and had Debbie Gibson singing backup vocals on a song Debbie wrote called "Bedtime Stories." Love then continued to pursue her acting career. She was a series regular in "Shaky Ground," "Byrds of Paradise," and "McKenna." These television series didn't last too long on the air. But her television career didn't end there. She landed the role as Sarah Reeves on the 2nd season of Fox TV's "Party of Five".She also appeared in the movies "Munchie," "Little Miss Millions," and "Sister Act 2" which are all available on videotape, and as one of the dancers in "Dance! Workout with Barbie" which is also available on videotape. On October 10, 1995, she released her American debut CD on Atlantic Records called "Let's Go Bang" (Bang being a type of dance). Her first single is "Couldn't Find Another Man." Love's 3rd CD came out on September 3rd, 1996, which was called "Jennifer Love Hewitt", from Atlantic Records. This CD includes her well-known tracks such as "No Ordinary Love", and "It's Good To Know That I'm Alive".Love Hewitt plays as Brook Figler in "House Arrest" (came out on Aug. 14th, 1996), which also stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Pollack, Jennifer Tilly and Kyle Howard. This is a comedy in which the kids lock their parents in the basement because they are getting a divorce, having problems, or in Brooke Figler's (Love's character) case, can't stand her mother. Also featured in the ending credits of this movie is the song " It's Good to Know That I'm Alive", from Love's recent CD. Love says that this is not her first on-screen kiss, although it took them four or five takes to get it right. Her first on-screen kiss on Byrds of Paradise was also her first kiss in real life.Love has another movie, which is called "Trojan War". Love Hewitt plays the character Leah Jones, a very intelligent, yet very sarcastic, and also very shy young girl. She's the type that always has an opinion about everything. And Will Friedle plays as Brad Kimble, a high school kid that is obsessed with this popular, prom queen-type school girl name Brooke Kingsley (played by Marley Shelton). Its a story of what happens when Leah falls in love with her best friend Brad, but doesn't know how to tell him, knowing probably that he's still thinking about Brooke. In one night, their unusual love triangle, creates havoc among themselves, and yet comes to a funny, romantic conclusion. Off screen, they became very close friends! "We were inseparable on the set," Love says about Will. "It was really fun.". "Trojan War" is now out on video since Dec. 16th, 1997.Love Hewitt's suspense thriller called "I Know What You Did Last Summer ", is an adaption of Lois Duncan's thriller about four teenagers trying to cover up a hit-and-run. Love stars as Julie, a high school senior who has just been accepted into Smith College, and is looking forwards to leaving her small town. Also starring with Love, is Ryan Phillippe, from the movie "White Squall", as Barry Cox. Ryan plays a local college boy who is dating one of Julie's friends. Freddie Prinze Jr. plays as Julie's boyfriend, and fisherman, name Ray. And Sarah Michelle Gellar, from the WB's "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer", as Helen Rivers. Sarah's character is known as the town's Channel Five Golden Girl. Storyline goes as these four teens were coming home from celebrating what was left of there summer, til they hit a fisherman in the road. Believing that he's dead, they put his body at the river, and try to keep it a secret among themselves. They then go on with their lives, as if nothing happens. Until almost 1 year later, they start receiving letters saying, "I know what you did last summer". And now, their lives are in danger, as a man with a hook, comes after them, trying to kill them all. This movie was released at theaters on Oct. 17th 1997, which was released to video stores since March 24th, 1998.Love Hewitt is starring in a new independent film entitled "Telling You ". The filming was recently completed in Los Angeles. The film also stars Rick Rossovich ("Top Gun", "Roxanne", "The Terminator", "ER", " Touched by an Angel") Richard Libertini ("Fletch", "Awakenings", "Nell "), Matt Lillard ("Serial Mom", "Mad Love"), and Peter Facinelli. " Telling You" is about a young man who is troubled by an old mistake he made in high school, by cheating on his girlfriend. When he meets his ex-girlfriend again several years later, he comes to suspect that the mistake he made was perhaps the reason why his life has turned out to be so uninspired. So he wants to "tell her" how his mistake has affected his life. (Release date is set for sometime in 1998).Love starred in the movie "Can't Hardly Wait", formally called "The Party", which came out in theaters on Jun. 12th, 1998. Now that the graduation ceremony is over at Huntington High, it is time for the real festivities to begin at the graduation party. Ethan Embry plays the aspiring writer Preston Meyers, who has been in love with beautiful class knock-out Amanda Beckett since freshman year. Jennifer Love Hewitt plays Amanda "Ms. Popularity" Beckett, a girl who's sick of her boyfriend , as well as her prom queen type image, that people see her as. Preston now seizes his big chance to proclaim his adoration for her before he leaves town the next day. Preston's shy confidante Denise Fleming, played by Lauren Amborse, winces when Preston decides to make his move now that Amanda has just been dumped by super-jock boyfriend Mike Dexter, played by Peter Facinelli. Charlie Korsmo plays the sci-fi geek William Lichter, who Mike has picked on for so long. Now William has a plan to ruin Mike's stud reputation at the party. Denise stumbles into an unlikely situation and hooks up with ex-childhood friend turned "homeboy" Kenny Fisher, played by Seth Green, that's been making plans to score with practically any girl at the party. All this and more as these teenagers search for their next move while making a statement about their future and their past.Love Hewitt returns on the sequel to "I Know What You Did Last Summer", which is called "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer". Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt) hasn't been the same since last summer. Still harboring guilt over the death of fisherman Ben Willis (Muse Watson), her college grades have slipped and her relationship with high school sweetheart Ray Bronson (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) is on the rocks. Julie's classmate Will Benson (Matthew Settle) would like to ease Julie's pain, but she is hesitant to trust him or anyone else. Julie's spunky best friend Karla Wilson (Brandy) wins an all-expense paid trip for four to the Bahamas. Karla invites her main squeeze, Tyrell Martin (Mekhi Phifer), while Julie settles for Will's company after being rejected by Ray. The moment they reach the island, havoc ensues. Their romantic getaway turns into a vacation of murder and mayhem that soon has Julie and friends running for their lives. Movie is set to be released in theatres on Nov. 20th, 1998.Love will also be producing, and starring in her own movie titled " Cupid's Love". She'll also be starring in another movie called "The Suburbans", coming sometime in 1999. More info to come soon. Jennifer Love Hewitt made a big hit by appearing on the front cover of the 1st issue of Teen People Magazine, which came out on Jan 15th, 1998. Love participated in the Nickelodeon Big Help Telethon in which she joined other young celebrities to get kids around the nation to pledge volunteer hours to help their community. It was a big success. She also did a promotional gig for the Cartoon Network along with Lacey Chabert, met the First Lady Hillary Clinton when she performed at a benefit concert in Boston, and took part in the Sail with the Stars cruise to Alaska this summer to benefit the Starlight Foundation. She also made TV guest appearances on:"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (A few times) " MTV's "Singled Out","Rock 'n' Jock B Ball Jam 96", "Loveline", "Live", the making of "Can't Hardly Wait", and "Fanatics" "Live with Regis & Kathie Lee" NBC's "Later" FOX's "Mad TV" & "Home Team w/ Terry Bradshaw" "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" "E's Party of 5 (behind the scenes)", and review on "Can't Hardly Wait". "Boy Meets World (guest appearance on 2/27/98)" "The Howie Mandell Show"She also hosted a couple of "Fox's Halloween Bash" (one from 1995, and one from 1996), hosted a few MTV videos, as well as "True Tales of a Teen Trauma" & "True Tales of a Teen Romance", hosted a couple of ABC specials "A Senior Prom" (Jul. 2nd, 1997),"Christmas Miracles" (Dec. 13th, 1997), presented one of the awards at the "25th Annual American Music Awards" (Jan. 26th, 1998), won an award for a newcomer at "The 4th Annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards" (Mar. 10th, 1998), and w/ Chris Rock, they presented the Best Kiss award at the "MTV's 98' Movie Awards" (Jun. 7th, 1998).Live appearances she attended were the following: Universal Studios Hollywood (Feb. 17th 1996), Sears/Seventeen Peak Performance (in several Sear stores throughout the states, during the summer of 96'), Hard Rock Cafe (at Universal Studios on Nov. 12th, 1996), Tampa, Florida (Feb. 7th, 1997), and in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania (Aug. 24th, 1997). There are some more interesting facts about Love. Her favorite TV show is Friends. She loves Johnny Depp (having seen "Don Juan DeMarco" many times) and would love to work with Winona Ryder. She likes to write poetry, paint porcelain, and collect angels, as well as scented candles. Her favorite things are her laptop computer, her cat Haylie, and her kitten Don Juan. Off the set of Party of Five, she has lots of fun with Scott Wolf, as well as the other cast members. She used to date Joey Lawerence back in 1996, as well as Will Friedle from "Boy Meets World" since their 1st blind date later that year, up to the spring of 98.Rumors have since linked Love Hewitt to MTV VJ Carson Daly, according to US Magazine July 98' issue. But, from another source, says it differently. Click here to go to: Totally TV/ Totally Teen TV!/ Jennifer Love Hewitt. So far, from what I've been reading in the magazines and other sources, it's been confirmed that Love Hewitt and Carson Daly are seeing each other. That's all I know for now.If given the choice between acting and singing, she would choose to sing. No matter what decisions she makes, or where she'll go from here,just remember one thing, her key phrase:
"Always follow your heart." -Jennifer Love Hewitt-

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